What is Trolljitsu?

Classical Trolljitsu is the gentle art of winning an online argument with a troll.

Sadly, there are very few free speech forums where the trolljitsu  vs. troll army games can be played remaining.

A trolljitsu  / troll “army” was a collection of perhaps 3 to 8 handles run by one individual. Thus you are unlikely to ever see an active trolljitsu master at his/her finest.


Masters – masters are the most advanced of trolljitsu adepts, the esoteric skills of wielding a trolljitsu army and fending off hostile troll armies are difficult to quantify –  suffice to say, when you see a master at work, you will stop to admire his/her skill.

Adepts – making the skill transition in vocabulary, an adept cannot become a trolljitsu master until proficiency in defeating trolls is demonstrated without using any profanity – this enables an adept to defeat trolls outside of the shark tank and to politely own an admin or a mod to the great amusement of onlookers without getting tanked.

Apprentices – are working on the basic trolljitsu skills of debate and logic – emotional control is essential, apprentices who lose their temper may be doomed to remain trolljitsu apprentices forever.

Novices – have recently learned that trolljitsu can be fun and wish to try it – sadly their efforts are amusing only due to the sheer amateurish quality – those who are serious about trolljitsu will quickly advance to Apprentice level.


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