Long ago on a website that is sadly defunct, I asked a trolljitsu master how I ranked in classical trolljitsu (OG style) – I was disappointed with the evaluation of a “pink belt” (the master was trolling me, naturally), but I was determined to do better

Since so few of the general public are aware of the rules and ratings of classical trolljitsu, I thought it would be worthwhile to list the rankings and advancement steps for all to learn from. Thus this little posting in the vast wordpress universe.

One comment from that defunct site was of particular note.

A trolljitsu master, Myron Florin questioned trolljitsu’s emphasis on politeness as opposed to the use of profanity.  The following was the published clarification:

Myron, you missed the point a little – a good troll uses profanity anywhere he/she deems necessary – a trolljitsu master troll is able to achieve the same effect without profanity – that does not mean the master is unfailingly polite, it means that the master can choose his words to fit the situation, and prevail every time

Thus, you do not lose points for gratuitous profanity – you do however demonstrate your mastery of language and trolljitsu if you can express your message without.

Myron,  you, yourself have demonstrated many times that you can very politely expose some trolls as the total idiots they are without the use of profanity – a most useful skill outside of the tank.


Note that the “tank” (aka. “shark tank”) was an anything goes sub-forum. A place for trolls to frolic, and the perfect training ground for trolljitsu adherents to practice their craft. Users on that site who misbehaved could be “tanked” as a punishment for their indiscretions in language or manners.

Others frolicked in the tank as a place to post anything they wanted to. Just about anything at all. The limits were indeed minimal.