Trolljitsu Ratings

Trolljitsu adepts are rated as in the martial arts. By the color of belt.

Classical Trolljitsu ratings:


Black – Kung-Fu Master troll, can wield a troll army to fend-off a hostile troll army without breaking a sweat

Brown – Master, can control a classical troll army to great effect

Red – Junior Master, extremely adept at classical Trolljitsu and learning to wield a troll army to confound the trolls.

Orange – Advanced Adept, has the ability to proficiently troll in the open forums (without any profanity) – sees the humor in all things.

Yellow – Adept, can usually troll proficiently without profanity, can laugh at getting owned and congratulate the victor.

Green – Jr Adept, working on trolling without profanity — very, very difficult for some as an extensive vocabulary is critical.

Blue – Advanced Apprentice,  has become skilled in the art of debate and logic — rarely gets angry

Purple – Apprentice, must focus on emotional control – the key to advancement is anger control – extremely difficult for some

Grey – Jr Apprentice, working on his/her logic and debating skills, generally able to troll without breaking wind. Generally.

White – Novice, has learned how to spell troll


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